January 2011

Oh My Goddess! game on PC-FX gets a preliminary script insert!

As I have stated on the project page (http://projects.mattsmessyroom.com/ahmegamisama/) this project is progressing at a brisk pace. Feast your eyes on the two new screenshots the first of the inserted text!

PS Anime Games, More translation, Anime Parodies

I did some work on PSAnimeGames.com this weekend. I'll be the first to admit that this page has not gotten enough attention in the past year or so. I poured a lot of my effort into Playongo and various other things like work and translations. I'm turning some attention back to it now however as I think it's worth maintaining and it should be a lot easier to do so once a base level of quality has been reached

Additional info on Translation Project Pages

I updated my translation project pages recently. I added staff sections. I've always thought of my projects page as a place to list stuff I worked on but I realized that many of the projects are only featured on my page and RHDN so I should treat them a little more like the "official" project listing and make sure to credit all those involved.