Oh My Goddess! game on PC-FX gets a preliminary script insert!

As I have stated on the project page (http://projects.mattsmessyroom.com/ahmegamisama/) this project is progressing at a brisk pace. Feast your eyes on the two new screenshots the first of the inserted text!

This represents the results of Esperknight's initial efforts on tools to compress and insert the translated script. If things go well he may even be able to provide me with insertion tools soon.

I did a lot of translating on this last weekend. Script translation sits at around 8% total.

My friend Andy just turned me on to Aural Vampire. I don't know how I've missed them all this time. I'm just starting to listen to some songs but I'm liking it a lot. It seems like it's just this guy and girl pair. At their worst it can be a little repetitive, noisy, or sparse but at their best they are close to Japanese female fronted industrial. Really awesome. Reminds me of Yousei Teikoku a little though the musical styles are different.


About Slayer

Hi, I've commented about slayers translation other day,

but only now I see your answer

I'm really happy for the new project (slayers PC98)

Good luck on it!

And, Thank's for the hard work =)

PS. I hope you might work on some psx Slayers some day, any of them would be amazing *---------------------*

But everything on its time ^^

thanks again!

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