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It's taken me about 3 weeks but I've recreated this site in Drupal. Not to mislead anyone, I would have been done in a few days normally, but I took this opportunity to version control my code with SVN which I had not done before. In addition to that I set up a dev environment on my local machine using XAMPP and deved the site locally.

These were two very new ways of working that both took some tweaking and getting used to. The performance of Drupal on XAMPP is pretty abysmal actually. I'm in the process of troubleshooting that. The site itself runs fine however, and I'm able to make blog posts again so yay! The greatest complement you could make is that you don't see much of a change. I tried to keep everything similar within reason. I think the translation is nearly seamless. NOTE: historical posts are still available in the "Travel Way Back..." dropdown.

I've been watching more anime this season. There is a second season of K-ON! called K-ON!! with two exclamation points. The series is about a charming group of high school girls who form a rock band as part of the "light music club". This seasons opening is featured below.

There are also some quality romantic comedies pushing the envelope in terms of risque content (in the vein of Kanokon) including Kiss x Sis and B-gata H-kei that are quite funny.

Though it finished up a little bit ago I just finished the 2nd season of The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I have to say that the opening song featuring Aya Hirano is probably the best thing season 2 has to offer. The idea of endless 8 was fine, even somewhat clever but it really took the concept way too far. Aside from the first episode everything else was a little hard to stomach, even the last few episodes as they merely added to material we already knew about. I hear the movie "The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi" is supposed to be excellent but I'm waiting until there is a quality translation floating around to check it out.

Speaking of Haruhi music, there was an ENOZ CD (the fictional band that Haruhi and Yuki fill in for in first season) made in the past year or two with some sweet songs including the following called "When I was in Love".


Hello world


You're welcome!

You're totally welcome. As for 3x3, that patch is not finished yet. Last I heard King Mike was planning to finish it, though I haven't heard anything on it for a little while. The main issue is a game crashing bug (and my translation needs a little work too. ^_^;)

thank u so much for ur slayer

thank u so much for ur slayer translation, where do i download ur 3x3 translation? i dont seem to find a link

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