Sherlock Holmes: The Case of the Count's Missing Daughter シャーロック・ホームズ 伯爵令嬢誘拐事件

Today I finished up the script for Sherlock Holmes: Hakushaku Reijou Yuukai Jiken for a certain someone. It's a silly project that was done on a whim. It marks my 3rd complete script finished this year, and my 4th if you count the joint work I happened to finish on G.O.D early in the year.

That said, I of course approached this as seriously as any other project. The all-kana script made things difficult, but the folks at RHDN were kind enough to help me with a couple of tough spots.

After doing a translation check, proof-read, and spell check I've handed this off. Hopefully this will be one more game off the list of Famicom games without English language translation patches.


Madou Monogatari I GG

I really admire the job you did translating Madou Monogatari I on Game Gear, but when I go to play it on an actual console (instead of an emulator), the text is all garbled. Would you be willing to take a look at the patch and fix it up a little more? :)

Thanks! Unfortunately it's

Thanks! Unfortunately it's universally mocked as a "kusoge". Having translated the script, I think having the game in English will help folks appreciate it more, but it still seems like a fairly rudimentary game. I'm happy to have translated the script regardless.

Lol, I'd never looked at City Adventure Touch before. What an incredibly odd thing to do with a Touch license! By Compile nonetheless! It almost seems like they had a game in the works and just slapped the license on. The music seems decent though. I might take a quick look at this since there doesn't seem to be much text. I'd certainly take a stab at translating it if Psyklax or someone dumped the script.


Nice job! I hope it's released soon-ish, I'm curious what this game is all about.
Have you ever checked City Adventure Touch? I believe that someone wanted to have a bash at this game, and it's supposedly a small script too. Maybe it was Pluvius who wanted to hack it, I'm not sure. You'd best check Psyklax thread on for that. Anyway, the more games done, the merrier. :)

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