Galaxy Robo English Translation Patch Released!

I'm happy to announce that the English translation patch for Galaxy Robo is now available! It was actually released this last Sunday on Dynamic-Designs site, and an announcement on is forthcoming.

From the readme:

Galaxy Robo is a sci-fi strategy game created by Copya Systems, the developper also responsible for the Lennus series. In this game the player directs a group of mech pilots, each riding distinctive bipedal suits and other vehicles. The game is structurally similar to Fire Emblem; the player moves all their units for their turn, either fighting enemy units or performing other tasks, and then control switches to the opponent. When two units meet in combat, a cutaway cutscene shows the aggressor landing (or missing) a hit, and the unit statistics underneath tell the player how much damage was caused.

The game was a Japanese exclusive, and it was one of a handful of games to use the SNES Mouseperipheral.

-Description adapted from

Please visit the project page at Dynamic-Designs to DOWNLOAD THE PATCH.



thanks ^_^

No worries. I'm actually

No worries. I'm actually familiar with that game, at least in passing. I've always wanted to learn more about Tokyo Mew Mew since it looks cute, and I've tried the game out before. I'll keep it in mind.

Games developed by the

Games developed by the japanese are out of the world. Best developer team of Copya Systems. Good game with many other interesting features.

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translation request

sorry it took so long to reply. so the game im interested in seeing translated is Tokyo Mew Mew – Tojo Shin Mew Mew! – Minna Issho ni Gohoshi Suru Nyan. probably not something you come across very much but aside from myself i have several friends and their kids ironically who would love to play this game. most of us have managed to play some as its in Japanese, but the kids are 7-11 yrs old and end up too frustrated to try to feel there way through playing it . thanks for hearing me out.

Not out of line at all. Work

Not out of line at all. Work I do on translation projects ends up being very sporadic, even on projects I'm highly motivated about, so requests are not typically a high priority. However, the recent Galaxy Robo translation probably wouldn't have happened had I not noticed it in a list of potential games to be translated, and remembered that I had an old script sitting around for it. So, sure, request away! Just understand that it may not come to much. ;)

do you take translation request?

i just stumbled across your page and saw that you do game translations. i was wondering if you take request or any thing of the sort. iv got two games that i would love to play but no on has done an English patch for them yet and i dont think any one ever will. if im out of line i do apologize. im not to sure how this works sorry.

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