Galaxy Robo English Translation in Beta Testing

I'm currently helping to beta test Galaxy Robo, an SFC/SNES narrative driven, mission based, tactical RPG with a giant-robot sci-fi setting.

The game showed up in a list of games that are currently untranslated for the Super Famicom on Dynamic Designs' message board.

This is a project that I was involved in many years ago. I remember translating a lot of the misc text for whoever was working on it at the time.

I never had any special interest in it, nor had I played it. However, I was looking at my old projects and the fact that I had a full script dump for this project that had never been finished so long ago made me feel some ownership over its completion.

I brought this to the group's attention and Bongo` and I spent a few weeks translating the script and working on the technical aspects.

Once the script was finished and inserted, I reached out to the group for my least favorite part, script polish and play-testing. After initial reluctance, Draken stepped up to take a look at the project, and after an excellent pass at polishing the script, handed it off to WildBill for another draft. WB put his usual expertise to work and the game was ready for testing.

Despite rarely play-testing my own projects, I volunteered to at least take a stab at the game and it turns out I enjoy it enough that I'm planning to finish it up.

The game is fairly short and linear which made for a tidy script that was comparatively easy to work on. Combined with an appropriately cheesy, but better than average, giant robot war-story, and surprisingly challenging but easy to understand tactical grid-based combat, Galaxy Robo is shaping up to be a highly enjoyable project.

Please look forward to an upcoming release of our translation patch. Further information can be found at Dynamic Designs site. Remember, don't buy repros of fan translations!

Note: This patch has since been released! Please visit the project page at Dynamic-Designs to DOWNLOAD THE PATCH.


Thanks. Glad you are looking

Thanks. Glad you are looking forward to it! It shouldn't be long at this point. I want to check scenes around a decision point. Once I do that and finish up the game, my play-test will be done and it should be long after that we can release a patch.

The translation is going

The translation is going pretty well, i don't think you need an second opinion there. and by the way i am pretty excited to play on it.

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