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After my last, albeit relatively old post, I went and started getting back into translation again. I have to say, it's really nice to be back into it. A lot has to do with changes I'm making in my life that are helping me to feel more like myself again, so I have energy to put into some things that I'm passionate about.

Anyway, on Esperknight and Filler's Video Game Translations I've made a couple of small updates about the Ah! Megami-sama game for PC-FX, and Team Innocent for the same system.

In addition to that, I've been working on some old projects that have been kicking around my HDD forever. One is Galaxy Robo. I don't even remember who I was working on that with it's so old. I'm currently shopping the technical work out to Dynamic Designs. Barring that, it looks like Gideon of Aeon Genesis has offered to help with the project if Bongo` isn't interested so I'm hopeful that that will move forward one way or another.

Additionally, I've been doing some work on the remaining script for Welcome to Pia Carrot 2, and I've gotten additional translation support for Ah! Megami-sama which I may post about more on Esperknight's and my shared site.

If that weren't enough, I just watched all of the second season of City Hunter (City Hunter 2 aptly), which is great. I kind of forgot how much I love City Hunter and how easy it is to watch. At any rate, I was checking out the PCE game and it looks very nice.

Appears to be a short action adventure game with good music and graphics and just enough text to be fun to translate, while still being a fairly small project. I'm shopping around for some technical help with that right now. I may even try building a table file, and possibly dumping the script for that myself. It's been an awfully long time since I messed around with that.

At any rate. You can see I'm tremendously gung-ho about projects all of a sudden. To tell you the truth, it feels like coming home. I'm looking forward to making some great progress. In addition it looks like Aretha I and II are still forging ahead at Dynamic-Designs, so I'm excited to see what 2015 holds for fan translation releases. I hope all will check back to this page and related pages often!


Thanks! I'm mostly looking to

Thanks! I'm mostly looking to start some merchant sites, though I may be doing some work in translation as well. If you like Japanese video games and are a game collector, please keep an eye on this blog for updates as soon as the merchant sites are live.

Hey! Thanks for reaching out

Hey! Thanks for reaching out with your request. I won't promise anything but your interest is noted. I may take a look at it sometime.

Translation Request for Final Match Tennis TG16‏


I found your info on romhacking website.

There is a tennis game called FINAL MATCH TENNIS for the TG16.

It is the best tennis game ever made.

Mostly in English ,but the player names and some little details are in Japanese.

It would be amazing if you could translate/patch this game to full english.

Here is the website

Congrats and best wishes for

Congrats and best wishes for the new start. translation is a wide place to work in. you will surely reach at the top.

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