It's been a while

I haven't posted in about 5 months. I just haven't felt like it I guess. I'm trying to get myself organized at every level of my life. I think I just really want to have some level of order around me. I'd like to feel like there are some things that are under my control and are the way I'd like them.

I had an amazing 3 week break from work which was still over too quickly, but it was a very nice amount of time to be away. Really it was mostly a stay-cation minus a trip to PAX East. Still that was great in itself, and PAX was a lot of fun.

I managed to get a lot of work done translating Aretha I for the SFC that I'm working on with Dynamic Designs. It's about 60% done, 63% if you count my work from the past week. I'm looking forward finishing this one up, but now that my vacation is over, progress will slow considerably. I feel like the end is now in sight now. It's nice to be well into the second half.

I finally got around to "officially" 301 redirecting a handful of my translation project pages to the "new" page I set up for projects that Esperknight and I are working on together. My projects page will still have all of the projects I'm working on, including ones I'm not working on with Esperknight, but the ones we're working on together will link to this new page.

I've been using my translation memory for all of my recent translation work including Aretha and Ah! Megami-sama I'm still picking away at. Part of me wants some recognition for my translation memory, I guess because I'm proud of it and I think it's useful and has the potential to become a useful repository of translation pairings (it already is) but I don't really know who should see it or how to show it to them. I've tried showing it to many people I've thought would appreciate it, and many have shown interest, but I guess it's either not actually useful enough, or it's value is merely too hard to demonstrate.

At any rate, Google has come along recently (or apparently it's been around for 3 years and I just never noticed it :P ) with Translator Toolkit or something, that makes Google Translate a lot more like my translation tool. It actually seems like it might implement some stuff that I haven't quite done yet but have been planning too. This is both encouraging and discouraging since now I may just use Google's tool now.

I'm sure I can write a script to change the TM over to Google's format and simply import it. You can also keep your TMs private if you want so I don't even have to expose it to the world, though it seems a little pointless not to. I'm still figuring out how that all fits. For the time being the tool is still working well for me.


Google translate

Wow, I first time hear about google translate toolkit. Seriously :)

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all the best

Hey matt ! long time no see buddy ;)

how have you been ? pretty good I hope

its been a while since I also came here ;p

How are your projects goin ?

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Heh, glad to see you are

Heh, glad to see you are still interested in this project. :) I won't lie, I've been slacking on projects recently. Check Esperknight & Filler's Translation Projects for recent activity. Looks like the last I worked on AMG was the middle of last month. :P I think it's summertime. Come fall I'm sure I'll be right back at it.

Ah! Megami-sama, and Welcome to Pia Carrot 2 will probably still come before Gunnm, but it's still one of my most wanted projects so expect to see your dream come true someday! Just like James Cameron won't give up on the movie, despite dragging it out *forever*, neither will I give up on Gunnm:MM (Despite also probably dragging it out forever.)

Long time no see matt

Hey matt ! long time no see buddy ;)

how have you been ? pretty good I hope

its been a while since I also came here ;p

How are your projects goin ?

Remember the game Gunnm: Martian Memories ? ;p man no matter how much time has passed I will still love this game, even though I don't understand a thing since its Japanese xD

I was happy that you were going to translate the game and have been looking forward to it.
to be honest I reached the moment where I don't even mind you doing just a txt file with the whole game script translated xD jk ;p

I hope to see more of your future projects ! keep it up (y)

- Deepflow

Welcome back man. I hope you

Welcome back man. I hope you will continue posting on regular basis… Nice writing man, really appreciate your presence here. Keep it up…

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