Bringin' Back the 90's

I'm on one of those 20 year nostalgia kicks going whole hog indulging in 90's entertainment. I started seriously listening to some bands I haven't listened to much in years like Alice in Chains, and then digging into some more obscure stuff like Hammerbox. Their songs are a little homogenous but finding them on YouTube again sure brought back some great memories. Currently listening to 90's Ministry and one of my favorite under-appreciated bands of the time, Grotus:

They run this fine line between kind of industrial and kind of grungy alt rock and I've always loved them since I randomly ran across the album "Brown" in a CD shop. They never took themselves too seriously and were kind of experimental but surprisingly catchy for the kind of music. I'm sure they never got the kind of success or attention they deserved.

Keeping with the theme I've been picking up a few PC-FX games for my collection. Here is a video of my most recent loot.

In translation news I've been working again on Ah! Megami-sama for the PC-FX. I'm looking forward to finishing that one up and getting a chance to play test it. It will still be a long time mind you but work has resumed. I've also done a bit on Aretha I for SFC but that's slowed down recently.

Also some great script dumps for the PC-FX. Esperknight got me the script for First Kiss Story and for Fire Woman Matoigumi. I can't wait to get cracking on those so I really need to get working on some established scripts. I'm sure some people are waiting patiently for all of these games like Pia Carrot 2 and Gunnm. All I can say is keep waiting and don't give up! A day will come when I've actually finished these. I'm working to make that happen.

In the meantime, I think it's fun to hear from people who have stumbled across a game I've translated and really enjoyed it. Welcome to Pia Carrot in particular seems to have a funny effect on people.

Take a minute to check out this video from gamesbloke. He's a pretty awesome guy. Very real and just likes chatting about games. He has great taste as he's picked up a PC-FX recently and I find his description of his experience giving WtPC a try seems to be typical of others I've heard from.

Just keep in mind that this video is mildly NSFW, and WtPC is intended for those over 18 years of age.


Yes, thanks for translating

Yes, thanks for translating the Slayers Game. I too now I will be able to understand all the dialogues and the story. I really appreciate all of your hard work and effort.

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Really very thanks for

Really very thanks for translating the Slayers Game. Now I will be able to understand all the dialogues and the story. I really appreciate all of your hard work and attempt.

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It is my sincere pleasure. It

It is my sincere pleasure. It was my dream to see the completed translation patch released for others to enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to play it and for your kind comments.

Slayers game

Thank you for translating the Slayers Game. Now I will be able to understand all the dialogues and the story. I really appreciate all of yout hard work and effort.

That's a valid distinction.

That's a valid distinction. Romantic adventure games aren't all "dating sims" that have simulation elements. Of course I've never heard of True Love myself until you mentioned it so I don't really blame him for not making the comparison. Thanks for pointing that out though! I feel like I've learned something.

i am surprise he didn't

i am surprise he didn't compare pia carrot to true love which is the only Japanese dating sim i know of to get a English release i don't count vn as dating sims

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