Lots of PC-FX Stuff, Translation Projects and More

Lots of things have been going on I just haven't been blogging about any of it. For starters let's talk about some recent happenings.

Some extremely exciting stuff happening on the PC-FX front. SamIAm and Esperknight have been working together on a segment of PC-FX translation that has yet to be attempted, subbing video. Long story short, video has been successfully hard subbed and reinserted into the game Zeroigar. This has implications beyond this project, including all of our PC-FX projects and beyond, but additionally this means that Zeroigar is being worked on by them. You can check out the video and some details in this thread.

To top it off I guess I'll go ahead and announce here Esperknight has dumped the script for Ojousama Sousamou a.k.a. Debutante Detective Corps which I'm going to be translating. Huge thanks to Esperknight who has had to hear me advocating this one for a long time. :) I don't know how it will stack up against our other projects but after the setback with the WtPC2 script I wanted to try out a smaller project or two. This one is a much smaller script than most of what we're working on and it's a really fun puzzle game that I like a lot. Take a look at some game play here:

You play a thief and you have to sneak into venues and steal valuables while avoiding traps and the lady detectives. You can purchase many neat items to aid you in your chicanery. It plays kind of like a puzzle game where you must outsmart the traps and the detectives.

Ok, enough about that game. I also took the time to play some more PC-FX recently. I posted a review of the love story game, First Kiss Story, the last game released for the PC-FX back in 1998. Take a look at the review here:


I'm looking forward to the

I'm looking forward to the output for your translation project.

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I take that back, now might not be a good time. :( I'll see if I can do something about it in the near future.


Hmm, I may have a solution to this issue. Let me see what I can do. :)

You too?

I thought I was the only one wondered about that...from what (little) I know, it seems to me that the translation for the 3 x 3 game was completed a while ago and submitted to KingMike. I've checked at KingMike's website, but it's not even listed (not even under dead/abandoned projects). So, despite the fact that the game's script has been translated, we might never see a release. Bear in mind I could be wrong about all this, but this is what I've been able to glean by putting two and two together.

I would like to see that game released in English as well, but all we can do is wait.

3x3 Eyes - Seima Kourinden

I was wondering what ever happened to that project? I've been wanting a translation of it for years.

Hey, how's it going?

Hey, how's it going? Unfortunately nothing on Gunnm yet. I wouldn't expect anything on it for a while. I just have too many other scripts going on and I want to finish some up before I start in on that. Not to mention I'm working on some smaller scripts mostly for the feeling of closure to knock out a small game or two before tackling some of the biggies again.

For bigger projects currently Welcome to Pia Carrot 2, and AMG have some slow steady momentum. I'm currently sneaking in some work on some smaller scripts including a couple unannounced ones. They aren't secret or anything. I'm translating some 4th Unit (x68K) and Ojousama no Sousamou (PC-FX) currently. I also have some stuff I am/will be working on for Dynamic Designs.

Probably going to try to clear most of that stuff out of the way before I dig into Gunnm, but I'm still amazingly excited to be able to work on it. I guess I'm "saving it for later" so-to-speak. Not too much later of course but it could easily be a year before I really take a look at it. Feel free to remind me now and then though. The encouragement helps to get me excited about working on it.

Hello Matt

Its good to see that your doing well :)

I hope your translations go well

any news for Gunnm : martian memories ? :P

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