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Kotoko continues to rock my world. I'm still pissed that iTunes has some of her older stuff but doesn't really have anything from the past couple of years. I wish they would update her selection!

Anyway, this is a new song that is a lot of fun.

Also ran across some videos that seem to be new stuff from Mami Kawada. They are still doing quality stuff with her.

So I did a Resident Evil marathon last weekend. I played straight with only sleep and short meal breaks from around 10:30pm Friday to 1:30am on Sunday. I beat RE:CV HD and RE4 HD. I took around 14 hours on each of them. Still considering practicing up for some faster runs next year, but I say that every year. :) Thanks to anyone who watched. I hope you'll join me again next year.

I'm taking it easier this weekend. I've been translating some AMG for PC-FX again. I just kind of felt like it. I should be getting close to 20% complete on that script sometime in the next week or so.

Esperknight is still working on Sailor Moon R for GB which sounds like it's getting close. He's almost done a complete play through and is fixing a bug near the end. I'd like to retouch the script a bit if he or someone else can get some videos or screenshots of the action.

I haven't really worked on WtPC2 at all. I'm considering advertizing for a dedicated re-writer and a playtester or two. I love translating but playing and editing are not really my thing. I'd rather watch a video of someone playing my translation on YouTube or something. :P

I have been watching some folks gaming on ustream.tv since my marathon though as well as scouring YouTube for recent stuff of PC-FX. Someone that does a show called "Retro Hardware" recently featured the PC-FX and mentioned our Welcome to Pia Carrot English language patch. It kind of drove home the fact that people really need to be able to play more games in English on this system to be able to appreciate it more, and strangely the projects I work on could help shape people's opinions of the system. Now I feel a little pressure to translate something really awesome next that may help endear the system to would-be fans. ^_^; I think I could have chosen much worse than Team Innocent so let's hope that EK and I can get that one to a playable state.


Assuming my PC can handle

Assuming my PC can handle both the game and video software without choking, that would probably be the best solution. Can the game be normally run in window mode?

Hey, awesome to hear from

Hey, awesome to hear from you! I'm glad you spoke up. 2 ways in which you could help a ton:

1. If you have a desire to handle the English touch-up of the script I'd be willing to hand this over. However, as I'm a bit protective of the script, I'd ask for you to re-write a sample portion of the game for review. If it is acceptable then I'd hand writing over to you, probably reserving some kind of veto/final editing rights to the final script.

2. If you just want to play my raw script and grab video while you play, it would really help me on the rewrite to just be able to review your video and rewrite from that. I would love this. Grabbing video from it is a little tricky but I have a solution. :)

To answer your question, Esperknight is handling the hacking, but he's developed a script formatter (to format line length) and reinserter that seem to work well. Formatting and reinserting, while they have a little workflow overhead, can be done by the person editing as they go. If you were to just play through though, I'd probably make a full script insert and just let you go to town without worrying about the insertion. I can set you up with the game for testing purposes.

The only thing up in the air right now is whether or not we can squeeze 4 lines of dialog in per screen which should mean no (or very little) rewriting for space will be necessary. I'd like to move ahead with the assumption that this will happen instead of rewriting to fit only 3 lines per screen which would mean a lot of paring down of the script. Anyway, let me know what you'd be interested in.

Who exactly is hacking the

Who exactly is hacking the translated text into the game? I wouldn't mind testing Pia Carrot 2 if the script is mostly done but the game itself is damn near impossible to find.

Maybe we could work something out over Skype. Shame my PC isn't strong enough to stream my desktop.

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