Ghost Sweeper Mikami and More Voacaloid

I just offered to help KingMike with the Super Famicom game, Ghost Sweeper Mikami Joreishi wa Nice Body [Ghost Sweeper Mikami - Enticing Exorsist]. Back when I first started using emulators I remember having fun playing this game. It's a regular platformer from the days of platform games. This distinguished itself with good music and solid graphics. I never got much further than the second level but I wasn't going to pass up a chance to tackle the short script for this classic anime based game. Additional info on my GS Mikami translation project page.

More awesome Vocaloid music. I found this artist called MochiibeP that has a couple albums Tennessee Tunes 1+2 on iTunes which are totally awesome. These are really good musicians. Be ready for guitar solos and stuff. Really nice. A little hard to find on YouTube but here is one:

Also this song is just awesome and features an upside down evil Miku. Floating evil Miku is coming for you!


Inspired by the creativity

When I find a site like this, I am always inspired by the artistry and creativity. Wish I had a small portion or either.



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