Battle Golfer Yui Nearing Completion

Surprisingly, Battle Golfer Yui is nearing completion. After finishing up the initial script translation, I ended up getting in contact with Supper who I'd noticed was doing some hacking on a Mega Drive Sailor Moon game. They agreed to take a look at Yui with me and progress has been brisk. Release soon(ish)?

Additionally, I've had some interest expressed in a few scripts, namely Outlanders, and Idol Hakkenden. The former is complete thanks to Eien ni Hen, and it's possible someone will be stepping up to insert the script; the latter is currently being looked at by another translator for translation.

I'd also encourage folks to continue to keep an eye out for the release of Princess Minerva. Beta is (has?) wrapping up, and a release is imminent pending some bug fixes.


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