New Script Translated, More Famicom Scripts Dumped

Another script translated! This time I dumped and translated an English language script for City Adventure Touch, an odd adventure game that needlessly uses a license for the characters from the famous baseball manga, "Touch".

This was part of an effort to assist an initiative to translate early Famicom games on RHDN. To that end, I've dumped a number of scripts for other Famicom titles including: Outlanders, Uchuusen Cosmo Carrier, Mezase Pachi Pro - Pachio-kun, SWAT and, Kyonshiizu 2. Incidentally, I ended up translating most of the Kyonshiizu 2 script into English so that one is almost finished.

Additionally, I've picked up a couple of projects semi-related to this work. KingMike got a hold of me about Kagerou Densetsu and Billiards which I will be taking a look at.

Whew! I'm still technically focusing on Power Dolls 3 (PC) and Maison Ikkoku (FC) which I expect to be finished up before too long.


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