Final Fantasy Open Beta Applications Postponed!

Here is the official notice to newsletter/email subscribers:

"1.Access the following URL. * The page will become accessible starting at 19:00 on Aug. 31, 2010.

2.Log in with your Square Enix account and have a registration code issued. * Depending on the access status, we may temporarily suspend the issuance of registration code. If you cannot have registration code issued, we ask that you please wait a little while before trying again.

3.Register the registration code you received by e-mail on the Square Enix Account Management System. Click "Select Service" from "Services and Options" on the left menu. Select "FINAL FANTASY XIV" from the services available and then "Add a service account." Enter the registration code you've been issued and proceed to the end of registration.

The Square Enix Account Management System:"

So all you poor souls who were not invited to the closed beta (me included) have a chance to possibly try out the game and see if it really runs as badly on your PCs as the benchmark makes it out to. I can't quite tell if it will be 11pm or 10pm tonight due to daylight savings.

EDIT: Apparently it has been postponed but it seems like the installer is still available for download.

Also, I just looked up a youtube video of the song "Fude pen boru pen" from K-ON!! with translated lyrics. The footage is really well assembled. I'd never really understood the song before and I thought it was kind of sweet. It reminded me of a letter or two I'd gotten from a girl from Japan back in the day and I wondered how she'd felt writing them. Not the same I'm sure.


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