Galaxy Robo v1.10 Patch Released!

Taskforce, Bongo`, and Draken have released a small update to Galaxy Robo that provides a new, more attractive font for battle text, and adjusts the leg damage status abbreviation from "RE", to the more proper "LE" (for legs).

The latest patch can currently be found on Dynamic Design's download page.


Thanks man. Just check the

Thanks man. Just check the post for the link titled "Dynamic Design's download page". You can also get translation patches from the official repo,

I did that one because

I did that one because someone I'd worked on another project with wanted to do it. I don't intend to translate more of the Madou games. However, if you ran into someone that could handle the technical work and wanted to throw the script my way, I'd certainly translate it.

Hi! I enjoyed your Madou

Hi! I enjoyed your Madou Monogatari translation and came to check out what else you had done, and I was just wondering;
Did you ever intend or try to translate any of the other MM games for the Game Gear?
I'd love to play more of these and recommend them but it's a bit hard knowing that counting MM1 there's only two games translated.

hey.. thats reaally cool,

hey.. thats reaally cool, from where i can find that patch, pleaase provide full details aabout that.. by the way thanks

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