Awesome Vocaloid Music is Awesome

I noticed that Japanfiles seems to have lost all their Vocaloid stuff. I don't know if it's temporary or what, but it got me wondering if there might be anything on iTunes. Lo and behold there is actually a decent amount, in the US store nonetheless. I ended up getting a shu-t album I'd never seen called "In The Box". It's freakin' nuts. shu-t is seriously a fantastic musician. Takes Vocaloid to the level of professional music. It's only like $6 too. You need to check it out.

There was also another amazing new offering from Dixie Flatline. I'm not any sort of Apple fan, but huge props for whoever got these on the US store.

Now if they'd only get some K-ON songs... And where the hell is Deco*27? :(




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