Finally Able to Install Latest Patches for FFXIV

When the new patch for FFXIV open beta was released yesterday I was unable to get the patch. I kept getting the same two errors from the other day. To combat this I uninstalled the beta which previously "re-triggered" the updating process. Of course this time it uninstalled the whole game, unfortunately an hours long process to reinstall and a days long process to download. Here was my solution:

  • Like most people have been, I loaded up the torrent files that the beta client uses to get it's patches into a normal bittorrent client like bittorent. This let me get all the files in a few hours.
  • Once they were downloaded I reinstalled the game. When it starts downloading the first batch of updates I stop the download.
  • At this point I need to copy the patch files from the "bca2a8ae" AND the "d96437e6" directory over to the ffxiv-beta folder. The "d96437e6" folder is not created yet, so just copy the whole thing over. I have not been able to do this step after letting the patches from the first folder (bca2a8ae) install. I HAVE to do it before they install or else I keep getting the "version not valid" errors.
  • Now I run the client again, let it detect all the patches from the first folder. Install those, then it detects all the patches from the second folder, and it begins the hours long installation process. :P

In order to get the torrent files for the new patches I needed to let it start getting these patches the normal way. Then stop the client, fire them up in bittorrent, and uninstall the beta, and reinstall following the steps above. This is the only process that has worked for me.

Once I was able to get back on again I took this picture with my friend:

"Why is the Square-Enix beta client such a pain in the ass?"

Here is what we'll be doing if they fix these kinds of issues come the official release:

"Way to go Square-Enix!"




Able to get the most recent patch with the default patcher

Update: I was able to get the latest patch with the regular client updater. I just ran the client and let it try to get the patch. Instead of hanging around 90% and uploading for hours it actually finished up the download and installed the patch so I was able to play last night for a little bit.

I did my first gulidleve which was ok. I just had to kill a few enemies. It only took about 5min and I got some gil and gear. Looks like enemies instance for your leve which is cool. They exist in the larger world, but only you can engage them.

I tried doing a crafting related one, but apparently like the battle classes you must also equip a related tool to activate the crafting classes. No idea what clothcraft uses or where to find it. A needle a haystack? I'm scouring the shops to see if I can find something suitable.

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