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Just finished up the fan service filled action anime Needless. Similar to series like Dragon Ball, Kenshin, Naruto, and Bleach, the series focuses on a group of fighters with incredible skills and features fighting in nearly every episode. Needless combines elements of Fist of the Northstar with it's post apocalyptic/anarchic setting, and elements of Naruto such as Blade's "sharingan" like ability to copy moves, or Cruz's battle wits that get them through tough spots like Naruto, or Shikamaru, though Cruz is otherwise powerless.

The first part of the series is funny and exciting with interesting battles and lots of fan service. It also features a heavy metal sound track that is really cool. The latter half suffers from the same issues that all of the previously mentioned series do which is drawn out battles and frustration with the characters as you suffer through protracted battle after protracted battle. However, it's still worth sticking it out to see how things turn out and the battles themselves are enjoyable albeit outlandish. This was a guilty pleasure that I really enjoyed.

Opening and endings below. Note: Ending is NSFW.

I also discovered that there is a sequel to To Aru Kagaki no Railgun called To Aru Majutsu no Index. I've read that it's better than Railgun which is good because while Railgun was excellent in many ways, it becomes rather rote. Here's hoping this one is excellent on all levels.


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