FFXIV Open Beta Graphics Settings

So I think I've settled on settings that I'm more-or-less happy with. This is what I'm running right now:

Config Utility

  • 1440x900 (Native res is 1680x1050 so it runs windowed)
  • Multisampling: No AA (I tried 2x MSAA for a bit but it crashed so I'm just not using it. Doesn't make a lot of difference)
  • Bufffer Size: Resolution (This has a big impact on quality. Less than res looks bad, more looks better)
  • Shadow Detail: Standard (This only effects character shadows from what I can tell. If you have character shadows on, they look better the higher this is. I have them on now and I'm thinking of trying this a little higher.)
  • Ambient Occlusion: Off (This totally crashed the game for me)
  • Depth of Field: Off (I think this also may be too much to handle for my system)
  • Disable Cutscene Effects: On (The cutscenes were choppy. This helps)
  • Texture Quality: High (This makes things look much nicer. My system seems to handle it well)
  • Texture Filtering: High (Not 100% sure what the effect of this is, but it doesn't seem to hurt performance to have it on high)

In-Game Config

Note: I've tried having all 4 of the in-game toggle graphics effects on and my system can't handle it. I think it can handle any individually, but not all at once.

  • Character Shadows: On (I can go either way on this but it adds a little to the feeling of the graphics. System seems to handle it ok, but it probably effects performance a little)
  • Dust Effects: Off (Not entirely sure where this is used but seems like it can be sacrificed for performance)
  • Extra Draw Distance: On (This is one of those things that ticks me off sometimes. I like to see as much as I can. This seems to perform well enough, though it probably effects performance a little)
  • Physics: Off (If I have to toggle something off I can probably live without this. I'm sure it effects the "animations" which in this case are calculated physics. Although I might reconsider it depending on how it may or may not effect personal anatomy ;) )

Here is an example of the level of graphics I can get. Maybe not the best example to show off quality, but it's a nice image:

My system specs again:
Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6Ghz
4MB RAM (running 32bit so only like 3 available)
MSI ATI Radeon HD 4650


I haven't been able to get on since I made this post yesterday

So right after I made this post all servers went down. I was able to see SEs test server up, and all the other servers come back up one at a time so I figured they were doing maintenance and probably would be a new patch. There was, but my client only gave me the same two errors as before: 11023 Unable to access server for version, and 11014 Version check failed. Fearing that this was local to me since I've NEVER YET gotten the client to start downloading a new patch when run (it only ever give me these damn messages if there are new items to download) I always need to uninstall reinstall to start the process.

Well this time it wants to download all (now 8) of the patch files including the huge 4GB one again. :P I spent most of yesterday getting the files independently of SEs downloader since it's SLOW and tried to manually add the patch files as many folks seem to be doing. However, I still only ever get the two messages below when I try to run the client again after interrupting the download, ie: 11023 Unable to access server for version, and 11014 Version check failed. :( Grrr! This is really frustrating!

FFXIV Status Down

Just reminding myself that the link to check the status of the servers is: http://www.ffxiv-status.com/

It's completely down right now, the lobby and all servers minus the login and patch servers. They are probably doing something.

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